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Serious Series

A solution to scale your project from prototype to series easily

Have you ever transitioned from prototyping to series production? You probably had to switch from your prototype supplier to a series manufacturer. Did you also notice that it took significant effort to switch suppliers? Serious Series brings you series production no matter the quantity in 14 business days from your trusted partner.

Same standards, delivered in series

For Beautiful Boards we have already partnered with series manufacturers that are trusted by the German car and the medical industry. When moving to Serious Series, your boards will be produced with same partners and the same parameters. This lets you rest easy at night. You will receive the same product that you validated beforehand, just in larger quantities – and assembled of course.

Be robust, and stay on budget

With our Powerful Prototypes you have already done the heavy lifting and validated your design. It has been tested against design flaws and also has passed our electrical tests. This way you know that your design is robust enough to move to series production without wasting money on defective boards. Not only is this better for the environment, it also keeps your project within your budget.

Focus on demand, we’ll ensure supply

One of the key aspects of a series is having it whenever you need it. Especially when there is more demand from your customers. Once your design has passed all tests for series manufacturing, we guarantee that we can deliver any quantity at any time. Remember the Express charges? Well, not with us! For a validated design we guarantee a door-to-door delivery within 14 business days after you placed your order. Hence you can rest assured and take care of generating demand, we’ll take care of the supply!

Uploaded once, hassle-free forever

Traditionally, board fabs take your data and manually adjust things in your data to be able to manufacture your data more easily. This means that every time you update your design files or switch manufacturers, the end result can be slightly different. And this could easily lead to more faulty boards. We use software to turn your design files into manufacturable data, so everything is 100% deterministic and will lead to the same result every time. So when your design worked as a prototype, it will also work in series production. This eliminates all risks when moving from prototyping to series production.

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