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Fabrication rapide et abordable pour ton projet électronique

Tu as besoin d'un prototype de circuit imprimé à rotation rapide, d'un assemblage en petite ou grande série ? Nous avons ce qu'il te faut. Nous fabriquons ton projet électronique en deux jours ouvrables et te l'expédions dans le monde entier à des prix abordables. Télécharge ton projet maintenant et essaie l'expérience qui transforme ton projet électronique en un projet puissant sans faire exploser ton budget.

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Printed Circuit Boards manufactured in two business days starting at just €10,16. Manufactured and delivered from Germany. 2 to 6 Layers, ENIG and HASL surface finishes and high quality base materials.

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Amazing Assembly

Your project fully assembled. Supported by our Smart BOM, the world's largest part catalogue and a best-in-class partner network. From prototype to series, Amazing Assembly has you covered.

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Most prototypes are still manually assembled in-house, we developed Smart Guide to make this process simpler by breaking down the assembly process into simple to follow steps, so our customers can get their prototypes up and running faster.During the development phase, we looked at things that can be improved. One of these examples is the grouping of passive components based on their location, so you don't lose oversight when working with large designs.Try it out!

All the different naming conventions for component cases can be confusing at times. 😓

In the past, Fusion360 had no option to create plated slots, thus many designers had to resort to hacky workarounds which were problematic for engineers and fabricator. The newest versions of Fusion360 finally added plated slots, but also disabled the milling layer for the ODB++ output, breaking legacy designs. You can find a guide on how to update your libraries in our community:
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