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Fabrication rapide et abordable pour ton projet électronique

Tu as besoin d'un prototype de circuit imprimé à rotation rapide, d'un assemblage en petite ou grande série ? Nous avons ce qu'il te faut. Nous fabriquons ton projet électronique en deux jours ouvrables et te l'expédions dans le monde entier à des prix abordables. Télécharge ton projet maintenant et essaie l'expérience qui transforme ton projet électronique en un projet puissant sans faire exploser ton budget.

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Beautiful Boards

Printed Circuit Boards manufactured in two business days starting at just €10,16. Manufactured and delivered from Germany. 2 to 6 Layers, ENIG and HASL surface finishes and high quality base materials.

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Amazing Assembly

Your project fully assembled. Supported by our Smart BOM, the world's largest part catalogue and a best-in-class partner network. From prototype to series, Amazing Assembly has you covered.

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The constant drive towards miniaturization increased the demand for Flat no-leads packages. Due to this, DFN/QFN packages with wettable flanks were developed, the solder fillet at the edges of the package enables AOI inspection of the solder connection. Unfortunately, these new packages are not very widespread yet and pricier than standard leaded ones. Thus, we still recommend leaded packages for applications with relaxed space constraints

Our board viewer now highlights areas with insufficient copper to edge clearance. Due to a different processing technique, castellated edges are exempt from this check. 🧐📐

We updated our checkout page, making it easier to use and to accommodate future products 😉.
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