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Does your project need PCBs, parts, or stencils? AISLER has you covered. Everything you need to get your electronics project built. Shipped for free right to your doorstep within 7 business days world-wide. Boost your productivity without blowing your budget.

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Beautiful Boards

Have you tried ordering your PCBs from a manufacturer before? Did you also experience complex order forms, high price points and charges for every add-on? For extra drills, plated holes, inner millings, ENIG Finish? We had the same problem and came up with a solution that includes all you need to get your project done: Beautiful Boards. Industry-grade manufactured circuit boards starting at just 5.70 Euro.

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Precious Parts

Have you ever ordered circuit boards and you were sure you had these resistors, ICs, and other components in your cabinets? And then you just couldn’t find them when you wanted to assemble them? Lots of time wasted on waiting. And, the shipping fees for re-ordering. All of this keeps you from getting the project built. We had the same problem and came up with a solution: Precious Parts. A package that contains all components you’ll need to build your project.

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Stellar Stencil

Have you ever soldered SMD components by hand? Did you ever dread over the time it took to solder all these tiny components manually? Use a PCB Stencil people tell you, but what the heck are pads and why should I be charged for pad count? We had the same problem and came up with a solution to speed up your project. The Stellar Stencil. Starting at just 5 Euro.

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"Top quality, top price!" Ralph I.
"Keep up the great work with Aisler - my experience submitting design files and ordering has been top notch. Also, the quality of the finished product is superb!" David Green
"The Boards look good, really great quality. Plus uncomplicated handling and great communication. I recommend you to others where I can. You have even set up a version control for the orders so that the customer can get his data again. And so easy and transparent in operation. I've rarely seen anything like this. Really great." Dieter S.
"I have to say I’ve been very impressed all the way, from submitting the design via ‘Fritzing’ to the delivery this morning. Your website is perfect, the quality of the board and printing is amazing." Bryan Inglis