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Beautiful Boards

Do you need prototype PCBs for your next big electronics project? And you want it quick, with high quality and yet very affordable? Then our Beautiful Boards are the right product for you. Locally manufactured in Germany within two business days, and directly delivered to your doorstep. Available for two and four layers in HASL and ENIG finish. Starting at just €10.16. If you like we also provide you with a stencil for reflow assembly.

Simple and affordable pricing

Ever experienced complex order forms or additional charges for things you forgot to mention like number of drills, holes, vias, etc? This won’t happen with us! You get just one price dimension: the area of your PCB. Just multiply that with your desired quantity and the respective price per chosen technology (two or four layers) and you are good to go. Try it our yourself, you can easily calculate the price of your Beautiful Boards in your head.

When you check a rendering you uploaded, what is it you want to see? We believe you want to double check whether the design was understood and all the specifications from your rendering were correctly interpreted. If that is the case, why not just give you real-time feedback. That is what our Online Rendering is all about. It is a digital copy of you real-life specification. Don’t believe it? Order a copy of Beautiful Boards and hold it right next to the online rendering and if you spot a difference, you’ll get a free remanufacturing. That’s our Rendering Guarantee!

See what you get, guaranteed!

Local manufacturing, great for the environment

Do you have a guilty conscience about the environmental footprint of your delivered PCB? With us you won’t have to. Best-in-class software automation allows us to save a lot of the costs. We can thus produce locally which simplifies logistics immensely and improves delivery times significantly. This guarantees fast turn-around times, is great for your wallet and amazing for the environment!

Okay, your project’s prototype looks good, now what? Well, your project’s already with us. You can now easily take it to the next level. If you want to order more boards, no problem, we will automatically select a manufacturing partner that fits your quantities. You can also easily switch to our Amazing Assembly, just fill in the Bill of Materials (if not done so already) and you are good to order assembled prototypes or manufacture a series of your liking. Infinite Scalability, guaranteed!

Your project infinitely scalable

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Icon boards

Beautiful Boards

Printed Circuit Boards manufactured in one business day starting at just €10.16. Manufactured and delivered from Germany. 2 or 4 Layers, ENIG and HASL surface finishes and high quality base materials.

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Amazing Assembly

Your project fully assembled. Supported by our intelligent BOM, the world's largest part catalogue and a best-in-class partner network. From prototype to series, Amazing Assembly has got you covered.

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