Amazing Assembly

Fully assembled boards to get your project done with ease.

Have you ever wondered whether all the manual hand-work you do to get your project tested is a waste of time? Or did you ever feel like you couldn't take that extra step to scale up your validated prototype? We did so too and built a solution for just that. It's as easy to order as anything else you know from us, upload, checkout, go!

Assembly kept affordable, fast and simple

Don’t ever factor in long quoting periods, order your assembled project with a click. With our proven fast delivery times, you it will be there in no-time. And because Amazing Assembly is built on top of our Beautiful Boards, Precious Parts and Stellar Stencil products, it shares all of its advantages. Great prices and fast delivery. Oh, and one more thing: Simplicity also means you can use your calculator to determine the price of an assembly, as the price is transparent and simple to understand, just like any other product we offer.

Complex Components integrated with ease

Did you ever want to integrate that complex component with that ridiculously small footprint? 64 BGA, 0201, and more; we will assemble it for you with just the click of a button. Our partner network will have the right machines to assemble anything. So you can focus on using the components that matter for your project, not weird work-arounds. With Amazing Assembly, we got you covered. And should you ever want to do some work yourself, we support partial assembly as well. It’s your choice!

Globally local – we are wherever you are

AISLER manufactures with partners wherever you are. That way import taxes, or customs won’t ever become an issue which in turn speeds up delivery and allows you to have your project in your hands a lot quicker. It goes both ways, because we can also more easily work with components that are supplied by you. Without customs all of this becomes a lot simpler, which is why we are proud to manufacture locally around the globe.

Your project as a ready-made component

At AISLER we want to accelerate you from prototype to production. It’s our core belief that every project has the potential to become a mass product and should be orderable by anyone in any quantity. That’s why we want to make assembly as easy as possible. So that it can be purchased by anyone you are sharing it with, be it your purchasing department or a team-mate or a friend of yours. Stay calm and enjoy sharing your project with others. They’ll receive a ready-made component as if it were off-the shelf.

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