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Amazing Assembly

Do you need a reliable partner that can handle your project from initial assembled prototype to a full series assembly? Want quick direct pricing without the hassle of documentation? Then our Amazing Assembly is the right product for you. Our product that helps you scale from a single prototype to infinite quantities. Assembled by certified manufacturing partners that are handpicked for your project. No more looking around, rely on Amazing Assembly to never think of sourcing the right manufacturing partner ever again.

Quick and simple pricing

Want to get a feeling for the price tag of your assembled project? It’s as simple as uploading your project. We automagically import and assign all the parts into the Bill of Materials so that the only thing you must do is to check whether all the parts need to be placed. This automatically triggers a calculation of all parts, calculates assembly costs and provides you with a very easy overview of your project’s assembly costs. Quick and easy, so that you can focus on the development! Don’t believe it? Upload a project and see the how it works. From upload to order in two minutes.

Have components that are hard to source? No problem, we have integrated a wide variety of distributors world-wide and can source from many more. While that not only allows you to find all the components you require for assembly, it also allows us to select the best prices for your Bill of Materials. For that, we use superior algorithms to analyze a complex full cost analysis that allows us to offer the best available component prices in real-time. Want to see it in action? Adjust a component in your Bill of Materials and it will re-calculate prices for you. Simple and straightforward Bill of Material costing optimized for the desired quantities in no-time. See our Community pages for details.

Best-price powered by the world’s largest part catalogue

Validate your assembly specification easily online

Want to review whether all your data has been correctly interpreted by our service? It’s as simple as checking our online rendering. All placed components will be properly visualized with polarity indicators allowing you to easily spot interpretation errors and to adjust your design accordingly. Also try inspecting your project on a mobile phone, it’ll work like a charm. Our Rendering Guarantee guarantees that we’ll manufacture the components as visualized in our online rendering. So validation is easy and done only once.

Okay, your project’s prototype looks good, now what? Well, your project’s already with us. You can now easily take it to the next level. With Amazing Assembly we support quantities from prototype to series. We will automatically select a proper partner for your project to get it assembled. Infinite Scalability, guaranteed!

Your project infinitely scalable

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Beautiful Boards

Printed Circuit Boards manufactured in one business day starting at just €10.16. Manufactured and delivered from Germany. 2 or 4 Layers, ENIG and HASL surface finishes and high quality base materials.

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Amazing Assembly

Your project fully assembled. Supported by our intelligent BOM, the world's largest part catalogue and a best-in-class partner network. From prototype to series, Amazing Assembly has got you covered.

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