Fritzing Fab is a service to produce professional PCBs out of your Fritzing sketches – affordable and easy.

Drop or upload your Fritzing Sketch to get started.

What is new?

Fritzing Fab is now powered by our friends at AISLER, the advanced manufacturing service. Still made in Germany, with even higher quality but more affordable and including many extra services.
Read the announcement on the Fritzing Blog!

What do I get?

  • a professional PCB made directly from your Fritzing sketch
  • a fancy matt green board with gold pads
  • starting from 3 to any quantity
  • quality »Made in Germany« and RoHS compliant
  • ...shipping to anywhere in the world.
See our wiki for all details

What about the price?

  • mm
  • mm
    3 PCBs

incl. 21% VAT, worldwide shipping included for orders above 30€

From your Fritzing sketch... your professional PCB

How to guide

It is very easy to have your own professional PCB produced:
  • Layout your board in Fritzing Learn more
  • Export it for PCB production and upload it here. Learn more
  • Get all parts and assemble your board. Learn more

What's up next?

Glad you're curious, there is some great stuff in the making! We're working on the ability to share your projects with your friends and the community. Also, to get your project ready as quick as possible, you'll be able to not only order PCBs but also add all required parts.

Follow the AISLER Blog to stay up to date.