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The CoRE is a hackable, easy to use Espressif ESP8266 development kit. Designed with size in mind, the CoRE is one of the smallest ESP8266 development boards in the world, and fits into a USB-A port like a memory stick. It has 8Mb of flash ready with AI-Thinker's AT firmware, but can be flashed with any compatible firmware (NodeMCU, Micropython, Arduino Core etc.)

A useful feature of the CoRE is its MicroSD card support, making it a very capable IoT data-logger; it can continue working without any internet connectivity (documentation under development - will include sample sketches for a simple data-logger). Alternatively, it can be used to store your larger projects - its your choice.

The CoRE has on-board power regulation, so you don't have to worry about your SD card being damaged.

Available from April 2018. Reserve your CoRE now and get ready to start hacking!

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