How to work with AISLER

AISLER is the smartest, all-in-one solution for your electronics project. This is our documentation site where you should find out all the details about our prototyping services. AISLER works well with your favorite tool and we most likely already support a direct import.

Using AISLER with your favorite design tool

We have compiled a few tutorials on how to use our service with your favorite electronic design tool. Right now we have tutorials for the following design tools:

The AISLER Services

We claim to be the smartest all-in-one solution for your electronics project. But what does that mean exactly? Our prototyping service bundles everything you need to let your project come to life.

The base service consists of our beautiful board manufacturing, all made in Germany.

You can order beautiful boards from a quantity as low as three pieces. Why three you may ask? Very good question, it is because we want you to succeed! We give you one to break, one to make and one for a friend to take. Because we know you love breaking and making things just as much as we do!

But what would be an electronics project without the precious parts?

We want prototyping and making to be easy, so we think you should be able to get all the things you need from one source. That is why we offer to add an intellgent parts set to your beautiful boards. But how can a parts set bet intelligent? Very good question. Our intelligent parts package will make sure you have a finished project at the end of the day. This package won’t blow your budget but we make sure to add a few safety extras here and there. Just add your Bill-Of-Material and you will get neatly packed parts, ready with the right designators, so you have no trouble finding the right place for the right part.

Complete your kit with stellar stencils

To make the process as easy as possible, we have added stencils for your smd soldering to our product family. Your beatiful boards only deserve the highest quality shiny stencils. Complete your kit with one stencil to rule'em all, to find 'em and in solder nicely bind them!

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