A PCB Stencil to make you more productive

Have you ever soldered SMD components by hand? Did you ever dread over the time it took to solder all these tiny components manually? Use a PCB Stencil people tell you, but what the heck are pads and why should I be charged for pad count? We had the same problem and came up with a solution to speed up your project. The Stellar Stencil. Starting at just 5 Euro.

Don’t worry about pad counts

You should never be surprised again by a high price because of the pad count on your project. Place more components with more pads, knock yourself out, because the only thing you’ll ever be charged for are the dimensions of your project. With the Stellar Stencil you’ll never think about pad count ever, promised.

Don’t settle for less

Sometimes you will come across affordable stencils, however, they are made from polyamide plastic. It may work but it will most likely kill your efficiency. And why settle for less when you can get a Stellar Stencil with durable 120µm stainless steel with beautiful electro-polished finish for the same or lower price.

Framed to make you more productive

If you have ever experienced a stencil without proper frame, well, obviously someone wanted to save some material and kill your productivity in the process. Because without proper space, applying paste can be hell. The Stellar Stencil will provide you with plenty of space. To be exact it will be 5cm on the top, 4 cm on the bottom and 2.5cm on both left and right side.

Double-sided? We’ve got you covered

Need to place components on both sides? No worries we’ll automatically detect that and produce stencils for both sides. So, you won’t ever have to worry which side you ordered. The Stellar Stencil is as simple to order as it is to use.

Your project, your pace, your stencil – shipped to you for free

If you remember the times where you needed to order all components separately, think no more. Those days are gone: Your Stellar Stencil is crafted to your specification and will come along with your Beautiful Boards and if you want Precious Parts. All shipped to you free of charge within seven business days world-wide, so you get your project built with one shipment.

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