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All electronic components for your project

Have you ever ordered circuit boards and you were sure you had these resistors, ICs, and other components in your cabinets? And then you just couldn’t find them when you wanted to assemble them? Lots of time wasted on waiting. And, the shipping fees for re-ordering. All of this keeps you from getting the project built. We had the same problem and came up with a solution: Precious Parts. A package that contains all components you’ll need to build your project.

Don’t lose time shopping for components

Ever wondered why it is so tedious to find all required components? Stores not accepting your Excel-Sheet or components suddenly becoming unavailable? Worry no more, your bill of material will be automatically processed when your schematic was uploaded. Each individual part is marked by availability and price, so adding your BOM was never easier. For Precious Parts we have partnered with major distributors. Because you should spend time with your project instead.

Stay on top of your components list

Did you ever have a functioning prototype that you wanted to move to series production? And the next thing you noticed was that an important component was sold out or not available in significant quantities? When you purchase Precious Parts, you will automatically be notified once components have been retired by their vendor. Never worry again about ugly surprises in production.

Assemble your project with confidence

Have you ever wondered where the heck that 10 nF capacitor went that you now so desperately needed? Usually it’s the tiny components that get lost somewhere. Precious Parts comes with all components to get your board functional. And if the price is not too much of a difference (less than 50 cents to be precise), you will receive a few components extra. Never worry about lost parts again. So you can assemble your project with the confidence.

Packaged to make you more productive

Sometimes it’s fun searching for parts, but in the end, you just want to build your project, right? With Precious Parts all components come with proper labels that depict the position on your board. This will speed up the building process significantly. Say goodbye to slow assembly.

Your project, your pace, your components – shipped to you for free

If you remember the times where you needed to order all components separately, think no more. Those days are gone: Your Precious Parts are packaged to your specification and will come along with your Beautiful Boards and if you want a Stellar Stencil. All shipped to you free of charge within seven business days world-wide, so you get your project built with one shipment.

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