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Breakout boards for every part you need. Don't let tiny footprints hold you back.

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New electronic components are released every day and while functionality is increasing, size is decreasing. This is great when you don’t have much space on your finished product, but is a real pain when it comes to testing and prototyping. With Bold Breakouts you can try out all the new components without burning your fingers trying to solder a tiny IC to your board. Bold breakouts come soldered as a ready to use plug-and-play solution. Simply throw together a few cables or put it on a breadboard and start testing right away. Bold Breakouts can be easily reused and assembled, so qualifying parts has never been easier. Your Bold Breakout is just a mouse click away.


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Beautiful Boards

Industry-grade manufactured circuit boards starting at just €5,70.

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Precious Parts

A package that contains all components you’ll need to build your project.

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Stellar Stencil

Durable 120µm stainless steel, properly framed, double sided if needed. Starting at just €5.


Bold Breakout


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