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Motors are everywhere, and so are applications for motion control. The challenge is to find the right solution for your specific requirements and test it with a prototype. When you manufacture your prototype with AISLER, TRINAMIC will sponsor your motion control IC.

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Motion control is omnipresent

From air venting systems, advanced prosthetics, 3D-printing, milling, robotics and to a machine identifying malaria from blood samples. Motion control is everywhere, and so is Trinamic’s line of motion control ICs. Used everywhere, everyday, around the globe. Where do you use motion control? Solve a problem with Trinamic chips provided for free with every Powerful Prototype you order from AISLER.

Prototype with a proven foundation

Want to build the next infamous & reliable product? This often means a great deal of complexity and meticulous parts research. Trinamic designed ICs come with all the necessary information including proven reference designs, CAD symbols and sample code that you can use as the foundation of your new design. So there is no reason to hesitate starting your prototyping phase.

Build, test, repeat – made to scale

In today’s fast pace environment fast iteration cycles are key to innovation. Shorter time to market require reduced design cycles. AISLER’s quick delivery cycles joined with Trinamic battle-tested ICs can support you in adjusting to the ever increasing speed of developing new applications. And, when you are done iterating, you can be sure to have a prototype that can be produced in series no matter in which quantity.

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