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Our Gerber Viewer

Our board viewer provides a what-you-see-is-what-get view on your actual physical board. We have taken great care that it actually resembles the board that you will later hold in your hands. So it's not just a Gerber Viewer, but also your production readiness test. You can interactively spot mistakes, missing holes, inspect traces, plating, and so much more. We are that sure it will help you during your development process that we guarantee that your order will exactly look like the board's rendering.

Nifty shortcuts are:

Inspect details by zooming and moving your PCB

To inspect a detail on your PCB zoom in or move the PCB to the detail you want to inspect. Use the Scrollweel or pinch-to-zoom.

The AISLER Gerber Viewer -> Zooming and moving your PCB

Inspect both sides of your PCB

You can easily turn the PCB. Just click the Turn Button or use the hotkey T. This allows you to view both side of your PCB easily.

The AISLER Gerber Viewer -> Inspect both sides of the PCB

Measure distances between traces and pads

Not sure, whether a distance is quite as intended. Our viewer provides you with a ruler that provides you precise measurements of distances. Just click the Ruler Button or use the hotkey R.

The AISLER Gerber Viewer -> Using the measurement tool

Inspect Milling paths

At AISLER we use two types of mills (check Plated and non-plated slots and Cutouts for details). You can inspect whether they are used as you intended by toggling the milling paths. Do you miss some slots, maybe they have been converted to cutouts, for that enable drills as well.

The AISLER Gerber Viewer -> Toggle the Milling path

View all drills, plated and non-plated

You can use unlimited drills in your design, plated as well as non-plated. To visualize the drills just click the Drill button or use hotkey H.

The AISLER Gerber Viewer -> Enable drill view