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Managing your project

At AISLER, we think in projects not in orders. That means once you have uploaded a new design we will automatically create a project for you. This tutorial provides you with some tipps and tricks on how you can manage your project with AISLER.

Creating a project specific folder

If you have more than one board for a project or simply want to keep everything neatly organized you can create a new folder by clicking Move or Rename on the Get Organized card. Then just click into the right text-box and change the folder's name. If it doesn't exist, this will create a new folder.

AISLER - Create a folder for the project

Moving a project into an existing folder

If you want to move a project into another existing folder, you can do so through the same Get Organized card. Instead of using the text-box, just use the select-box and select an existing folder.

AISLER - Move a project into another folder