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Enabling Series Mode

Every once in a while you feel you have iterated enough to go on and manufacture your board in series. As series manufacturing requires a whole different approach (e.g. panelization of your PCB, a special Stencil, and also Parts that are packaged differently). AISLER allows you to switch your Project from Prototyping Mode (where you primarily iterate) to Series Mode (where you will want to manufacture series).

Enabling Series Mode

For that simply navigate over to the Series Tab and click the button Enable Series Mode. You will see that the order bar also changes, its products. To disable Series Mode, just hit Disable Series Mode and you will be back in the Classic Prototyping Mode.

AISLER - Switch to Series Mode

PCB Panel Configuration

AISLER will automatically provide you with Series-ready Panels. In addition you will also receive the data, should you require so. However, you will first have to configure your panel first. You will see the dimensions of the panel update and the price of the Perfect Panel automatically recalculating according to your choice.

AISLER - Configure the series parameter for the Perfect Panel