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Labcenter Proteus

About this tutorial

AISLER understands Gerber files generated from Labcenter Proteus. This tutorial shows you in six easy steps how your Proteus export will always succeed when imported.

Step 1: Generate Gerber/Excellon Files

Select Geberate Gerber/Excellon Files in Proteus

Step 2: Adjust Output

a) Change output to a single ZIP file

Change output to a single ZIP file in Proteus

b) Change Gerber to RS274X

Change Gerber Export to be RS274X in Proteus

Step 3: Delete unneccessary files

Some files are unneccesary and can be deleted from Proteus output

Step 4: Rename files to fit AISLER's naming scheme

Proteus Gerber export that follows AISLER's naming scheme

Step 5: Zip up the folder

Step6: Profit ;-)

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