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About this tutorial

Luckily we support KiCad natively, so the steps are very very simple ;-) Right now we support the latest release of the KiCad 5.0 branch. If you use a nightly build, we will use this instead.

Since it is that simple you can also donate to CERN Foundation & Society – the sponsors of the KiCad project – when you order through us. They help keep this project alive. Of course, you can opt to remove that donation, but that kind of would make you a bad person, right?

Pre-made templates

If you want to have all the design rules etc. already set up in KiCad you might consider using one of our templates. Have a look at this Github repository.

Step 1: Upload your KiCad file

We support KiCad file format natively. Just Drag'n'Drop or Upload your KiCad-Board file and you are good to go.

AISLER - Upload a KiCad project to AISLER

Step 2: Profit ;-)

Upload your project