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Altium Circuit Studio

About this tutorial

To use AISLER with Altium Circuitstudio you will need to export your project as a Gerber-Package. Please make sure you zip your Gerber-Files. You will have to setup NC Drill files and the Gerber Export appropriately.

You will have to setup NC Drill Files and Gerber Fabrication output properly for us to understand your designs.

Step 1: Configure NC Drill Files

We do not use the Gerber plots for drills but instead use the NC Drill files. You will have to setup your NC Drill files properly.

Navigate to File » Fabrication Outputs » NC Drill Files to setup NC Drill Files.

AISLER - Setup NC Drill Files properly in Altium CircuitStudio

Step 2: Configure Gerber Setup Dialog

Please navigate to File » Fabrication Outputs » Gerber Files to setup Gerber Export.

Setup Gerber > General Tab

Select "inches" and 2:4 precision in the General Tab

AISLER - Setup Gerber > General Tab  in Altium CircuitStudio

Setup Gerber > Layers

Select the following layers:

AISLER - Setup Gerber > Layers  in Altium CircuitStudio

Setup Gerbers > Drill Drawing

Please deselect all Drill Drawing options in the Gerber Export, we will used NC Drill files instead.

AISLER - Setup Gerber > Drill Drawings  in Altium CircuitStudio

Setup Gerbers > Apertures

Select Embedded apertures (RS274X) Checkbox AISLER - Setup Gerbers > Apertures in Altium CircuitStudio

Setup Gerbers > Advanced

Film size and Aperture Matching Tolerances are project specific, so please add the project's relevant settings here. Set all other values according to the following screenshot.

AISLER - Setup Gerbers > Advanced in Altium CircuitStudio

Step 3: Cleaning up

Altium is known to generate a lot of other stuff in the output files, please ensure to only include the relevant ones.

Please only include the following files:

Gerber Layer Name Layer
project_name.toplayer.ger Top Layer
project_name.bottomlayer.ger Bottom Layer
project_name.topsoldermask.ger Top Soldermask
project_name.bottomsoldermask.ger Bottom Soldermask
project_name.topsilkscreen.ger Top Silkscreen
project_name.bottomsilkscreen.ger Bottom Silkscreen
project_name.boardoutline.ger Board Outline
project_name.xln PTH Drills
project_name_npth.xln NPTH Holes
project_name.toppaste.ger Top Paste (Stencil)
project_name.bottompaste.ger Bottom Paste (Stencil)
project_name.internalplane1.ger Internal plane 1
project_name.internalplane2.ger Internal plane 2

Step 4: Zip it up

AISLER - Altium Circuit Studio Zip-File

Step5: Profit ;-)

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