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Altium Designer

We natively import of Altium Designer PcbDoc files. This makes sure that all files are imported to us correctly.

Step 1: Upload you PcbDoc file

Just drag'n'drop it on a new project and you are good to go. We automatically import all layout drawings, the BOM, P'n'P data and IPC Testdata.

AISLER supports Altium Designer PcbDoc files natively

Step 2: That's it, nothing more to do!

How to document component mount type

In order to provide accurate pricing for our Amazing Assembly offering it is necessary to document the mount type of all components used. To do so the component's parameters in Altium are used. Our import application will look for a parameter called "Mounting Technology". Please follow this guide on how to add this parameter.

Open Altium's Parameter Manager while the project is open.

Only select "Parts"

Using the button "Add Column..." add a column called "Mounting Technology".

Now it is time to poplate the recently added column / parameter.

On all parts / components used on your schematic, add either "smt", "tht", "surface mount" or "thrpugh hole" depending on the technology used.