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Ordering more than one project

Multiple orders and Panels

If you are about to order multiple projects, you need to place multiple orders. We do not support more than one design on a single PCB. You should also not upload panels that you made yourself, even if you just duplicated the same design, as v-cuts are not supported in prototyping mode. Panels, that feature breakout tabs (mouse bites) and a small distance between the PCBs, are also not allowed. If you need larger quantities, please contact us and we will be more than happy to discus with you the details and how we can help.

Shipping and Overnight Shipping:

We do not have a shopping basket, but we offer a shipping basket. This means that orders that are planned to be dispatched on the same day, will be sent together.

What happens if you want to order a couple of projects, but you want them fast? You need to add overnight(express) shipping to just one of your orders. If they are planned to be dispatched on the same day, we are going to dispatch all of them in one package with tracking code using our express logistics partners.

What happens if you place one Blitz and one HD order? By default, we will dispatch whichever order is ready first (usually it is the Blitz), unless you specify otherwise.

What happens if one of the orders is delayed during manufacturing? Again, we will send the items that are ready first, unless you want everything dispatched together.