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Castellated Holes

What are Castellated Holes?

Castellated Holes (a.k.a. Plated Half Holes, Castellations, ... ) are a series of Plated Through Holes or Vias placed on the edges of the PCB and allow you to transform your PCB into a surface mounted sub-assembly. When cutting the board at the end of the manufacturing process, only a half of each plated hole remains in the PCB. These Plated Half Holes now serve as pads to solder the sub-assembly to the surface of the motherboard.

Which designs of Castellated Holes does AISLER support?

AISLER supports the half hole technique mentioned above - it is the easiest and most common way to design Castellated Holes. Please follow our design rules in the next section to get the best results.

How to design Castellated Holes?

Integrating Castellated Holes to your PCB is very easy. Just make sure to pay attention to the following points:

AISLER - Placing Castellated Holes

How does it work?

If your PCB matches our design requirements, we will remove a small area of the copper-layer. This way we ensure, that the edges of your PCB get the necessary high quality for mounting/soldering it on your motherboard.