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We're still open and give away free PCBs and Stencils for COVID-19 prototypes

More and more people are affected by COVID-19 pandemic and so are we. Because of this we'd like to inform you upfront about the current situation. This is important to us as we want to support you in the best way to get your prototypes manufactured on time.

TL;DR Key points:

Since ever AISLER works closely with multiple local factories in Germany, Europe and the US. This way we try to keep the risk of delayed production to a minimum. This applies to our PCB and stencil manufacturing. Sourcing of parts is a bit more complex as most parts are delivered from distributors around the globe. We do our best to keep our part availability status up to date but in some cases we might get back to you and ask for an replacement which we are able to source more locally or from a different region.

For now this is working out really well and most deliveries are on time. Except 4-Layer PCBs might be delayed by 2-3 days. We adjusted the calculated delivery date accrodingly. As it hard to look into the future right now, we will keep you posted on this page regarding any changes to this situation. So what are the lessons learned: Multi-Sourcing allows us to mitigate supplychain risk, but in general we should analyse our whole delivery process and be transparent about potential issues. This is why we have created a new page "Service Status" where you can double check each step in our delivery process for potential service impediments.

We love to support Makers and Hackers. If you are working on free and open source medical equipment or any other electronics which in way any could improve the COVID-19 situation, please write us at and we will give away PCB + Stencils for free including shipping.

All of our employees are working from home now to keep themselves safe and the people around. You should do so to! Support, Sales and Logistics are up and running as usual.

We wish you and your close family and friends all the best!

Stay safe, and rock on 🤘

yours sincerely,
Felix & Patrick
Co-Founders of AISLER