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Traditional Gerber

About this tutorial

AISLER understands many Gerber file dialects. Please refer to Altium, Ultiboard, Labcenter Proteus and Designspark. This tutorial is a catch-all for all other PCB Design tools.


Keep in mind that Soldermask is an inverted mask. So you need to fill where you want to remove the mask.

Please name your files like the following:

Layer Name in extension in Gerber
Top Layer project_name.toplayer.ger
Bottom Layer project_name.bottomlayer.ger
Top Soldermask project_name.topsoldermask.ger
Bottom Soldermask project_name.bottomsoldermask.ger
Top Silkscreen project_name.topsilkscreen.ger
Bottom Silkscreen project_name.bottomsilkscreen.ger
Top Paste (Stencil) project_name.toppaste.ger
Bottom Paste (Stencil) project_name.bottompaste.ger
Board Outline project_name.boardoutline.ger
PTH Drills (plated holes drills) project_name.drills_pth.xln PTH Drills (plated holes drills)
NPTH Holes (non-plated holes drills) project_name.holes_npth.xln
Internal plane 1 project_name.internalplane1.ger
Internal plane 2 project_name.internalplane2.ger

Step 2: Zip it up

Step3: Profit ;-)

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