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Altium Designer

About this tutorial

AISLER understands Gerber files generated from Altium. This tutorial shows you in five easy steps how your Altium export will always succeed when imported.

Step 1: Use our Outjob file

Step 2: Integrate it into your project

a) Use the Open Dialog in Altium

Altium Open Dialog

b) Check it is integrated in your project's Outjob settings folder

Altium Outjob in Settings folder

Step 3: Configure Fabrication Outputs

a) Check the Fabrication Outputs tab

Configure fabrication outpubt in Altium

b) Configure your PCB Source

Set up your PCB as source in Altium

Step 4: Adjust Path for Output settings

a) Select AISLER Output and click "Change"

Adjust output settings in Altium

b) Find your output directory

Adjust your output directory in Altium

c) Set the output to "Manually Managed"

Setup Manually Managed in Altium

Step 5: Zip up the output folder

Select output directory

And zip it up

Step6: Profit ;-)

Upload your project