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Plated and Non-Plated Slots and Cutouts

About this tutorial

This tutorial shows you the capabilities and what you need to do to achieve elongated holes, plated and non-plated slots and cutouts.


Plated Slots

We support plated slots with a length of up to 15.0mm (5/8 Inch) and a width (or tool diameter) of 0.7mm (0.027in) to 2.8mm (0.11in).

AISLER - Typical use case of plated slots
Typical use case of plated slots.

As we give a gurantee on our renderings you should always use the Board Viewer to check if plated slots are detected properly. Use the "Highlight Drills" Button for this.
AISLER - Highlight drills function Enable drill highlight

AISLER - Plated Slots in the Drawing This plated slot will be manufactured properly, shown by the orange color.

Eagle Users should always check if a slot was detected as plated or non-plated slot.

Non-Plated Slots

Non-Plated slots have the same minimum size as plated slots of 0.7mm (0.027in) and maximum length of 15.0mm (5/8 Inch). Please note, if the slot is longer it may be milled but in this case its diameter must be above 1.8mm (0,07in). Use the Board Viewer to check how your slot will be manufactured.

AISLER - Show milling path button to display non-plated slot
"Milling Path" used to display milling of non-plated slot. In this case on a Raspberry Pi Hat.

AISLER - Non-Plated slot highlighted in blue color (AISLER Rendering)
Non-Plated slot highlighted in blue color.

AISLER - Non-Plated that was hightlited in reality)
Same slot as shown above.


Cutouts will always be milled and may have any shape you like. A milling tool with 1.8mm (0,07in) will be used, because of this all cutouts need to have at least this size.

AISLER - Cutout with milling path highlighted
Cutout with milling path highlighted.