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2- and 4-Layer Design Rules

Minimum and maximum PCB dimensions

Maximum is 300mm x 250mm (11.8in x 9.84in). If you need a larger PCB feel free to contact us!
The smallest possible PCB must have at least one side which is longer than 15mm (0.6in).

Design Rules

The following design rules should be respected if you want to manufacture your PCBs with us.

AISLER - Design Rule image

Symbol Description Value
a min. trace width 100μm
b min. trace spacing 100 μm
c min. trace pitch 200 μm
d min. spacing trace / trace 100 μm
e min. spacing trace / via-pad 100 μm
f min. spacing trace / ground plane 200 μm
g min. spacing trace / BGA-pad 100 μm
h min. spacing via-pad / via-pad 100 μm
i min. spacing via-pad / ground plane 100 μm
j min. spacing via-pad / BGA-pad 100 μm
k min. spacing ground plane / ground plane 200 μm
l min. spacing PCB edge to trace 300 μm
m min. spacing PCB edge to pad 300 μm
n min. spacing PCB edge to ground plane 300 μm

Minimum via diameter is 0.2mm (8mil) and the corresponding pad diameter should be at least 0.4mm (16mil).

Please also note that these rules are the bare minimum that we support. If you can leave some safety margins in your design, the PCBs will be more likely to work the way you intended them to.

The design rules stated above apply to 2-Layer as well as our 4-layer boards.

Elongated holes

See this article on how to layout elongated holes / slots.

Burried, blind or tented vias

Please note that burried, blind or tented vias are not supported.