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Kitty Ears / Main-PCB


Build your own Kitty-Ears!

Want to build this project, take a look on Instructables:

Some more information on the board itself on

The project uses two identical PCBs (differently populated), connected by a 3-strand ribbon cable. 

Both boards have 4 white LEDs. One board has a pushbutton. The other one has an ATtiny85, two 10 ohm resistors, and a coin cell battery holder.

The Beautiful Boards Set contains three boards, you will need two of them for this project, so you'll have 1 in spare in case you break one.

If you want a full set, purchase** two Precious Parts_ **and one Beautiful Boards set._

Enjoy and have a lot of fun!



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Beautiful Boards

Why exactly three PCBs, you may ask?

Very good question, it is because we want you to succeed! We give you one to break, one to make and one for a friend to take. Because we know you love breaking and making things as much as we do!

Precious Parts

How can a package of parts be intelligent, you may ask?

Very good question, it is because we want you to succeed! Our intelligent parts package will make sure you have a finished project at the end of the day. This package won’t blow your budget but we made sure to add a few safety extras here and there.
Watch your Bill-of-Materials to see all the parts which will be in your set.

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